Some Things To Consider When It Comes To An Insurance Agency And Its Independent Insurance Agents

13 Jan

An insurance agency is a large organization which sells many insurance products. However, most insurance agencies are big companies with hundreds of employees. Independent agencies are much smaller, and they can work for just one owner or can contract with several owners. Regardless of size, all insurance agencies have an office where they handle all the paperwork, and the sales for the insurance products.
Some agencies deal exclusively with one type of insurance product - automobile, health, life, property or annuities.

 Other agencies deal with different products including casualty insurance, industrial or commercial insurance, disability, workers' compensation, home, renters, flood, theft and so on. Some agents work directly for the insurance company, while others are freelance agents who sell the policies of an agency, not the company itself. Some agencies have several levels of direct sales representatives and support staff. The direct sales representatives receive their training from an agent of the company which they represent, and many of them eventually become managers of the entire company.

Insurance agents sell policies to business and individuals. To sell policies, agents must know the types of coverage the clients need. They also need to be familiar with the kinds of carriers from which the policyholders are purchasing coverage. For example, if the company is selling insurance to small business owners, agents should be familiar with the kinds of carriers that these owners use. On the other hand, agents should be able to provide the names of carriers from which business insurance policies are purchased by homeowners. If the insurance agency is dealing with travel insurance only, it would make sense for the agents to know the kinds of carriers from which travel insurance policies are sold. Check out more about the Hertvik Insurance Group.

When investigating insurance agency performance, there are a number of things which agents can investigate to determine whether the company is being successful in attracting new business and in keeping the business with existing clients. The first thing which agents can look into is whether or not the insurance company has changed providers. If so, there might be a turnover in the management teams at the insurance company. By knowing this information, the agent will know how much work needs to be done to keep current clients happy and to generate new business.

Another way that independent insurance agents can make a difference at an insurance agency is to offer suggestions to the insurance company. For example, if a homeowner is having trouble paying off his or her mortgage, the agent might contact the lender and suggest a refinancing program for the homeowner. In turn, the lender may contact the homeowner's bank and suggest a different refinancing program. By providing this kind of independent advice, independent insurance agents can play a significant role in assisting customers and in helping to increase the number of policies sold. Please view this site for further details.

There are times when it is difficult to tell one insurance company versus another. When this is the case, it sometimes becomes necessary for agents to use technical terms such as ratio, mortality ratio, premium, and others. Understanding these terms can help provide an understanding of what the numbers mean. By having an understanding of the terminology, agents can then better explain the differences between the two terms and explain what they mean in relation to the different situations that are presented. This can provide a greater understanding and can increase the ability of agents to get more business through using less complicated language.

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